Use your DREAM team

Use your DREAM team

Last week, I threw my hat in the ring to put together a sales pitch deck that needed to be done in 2 days. Why? Because I'm all about nailing a good pitch. I've seen tons of them, given a few good pitches of my own and know a good hook when I see one.

I started with a script that was meh at best. But hey that's v1. No surprises there. That said, I could see the pitch in my mind. Drive home how painful the problem is, the what-if moment, a glimpse at our solution, raving fan testimonials, then live demo. I started revising my script like I always do.

Then it hit me. Like something scratching in the back of my mind. There's something I'm not using or doing that I should be, I said to myself.
Bingo. I forgot about my back office team! And let me tell you, we discussed the pitch a lot. Back and forth. After tweaking the script with my associate ChatGPT's help, I called on my Graphic Designer DALL•E to create some eye-catching, storytelling visuals, like this turtle-mouse scene (don't ask, but
it's awesome).

The big idea was to have something more than just a demo for our pitches. We wanted this deck to really dive into our prospective clients' pains, have an opportunity to hear them share even more, then show them we get what they're struggling with, and then share the vision of our solution. This wasn't about just throwing slides together; it was about building a conversation starter, something that would get us solid feedback and let us refine our pitch
even further.

I managed to pull it off and had our draft deck ready for action the next day. No one else even had a deck, and here I was with a complete one that could actually lead to meaningful discussions. ChatGPT and DALL•E are not just your average tools; they are like having the best assistants at the ready. As I just described them above, they were literally like real people on my dream team. They helped me turn a bunch of ideas swirling in my head into something that looked and sounded professional.

This deck isn't just a one-and-done thing; it's a living document that we tweak after every pitch based on real feedback, making it better each
time. So, step up, raise your hand, and get into the ring. Know that you have an entire back office team at your disposal.

These Al assistants are here to help, and this is yet another experience showing just how much they can do to help us, over and over and over again. Keep pushing, keep improving, and use every Al tool at your disposal. That will certainly be giving us an edge as Al Product Managers.

Best to you,

PS: thoughts, comments, suggestions? Email me at careycaulfield at gmail dot com.  I read every single one

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