Work with Me

Carey’s Key Areas of Focus:

Product Ideation and Development:

  • Expert guidance from concept-to-production. Specializing in transforming problems-to-solve into successful, market-ready SaaS products.

User-Centric Product Design

  • Emphasize simplicity and functionality in UI/UX design to create intuitive and engaging SaaS products.

Effective Product Management:

  • Discover strategies for successful product lifecycle management, including roadmap planning and agile methodologies. 
  • Create Business Rules and Policies.

 Building and Leading Product, UX and Software Engineering Teams:

  • Gain insights into assembling and nurturing high-performing teams, focusing on effective communication and continuous learning that drive customer outcomes.

Fostering Innovation

  • Tap into my extensive experience in organizing hackathons.
  • Learn how to create events that spark creativity, foster collaboration, and drive innovative outcomes. 
  • Facilitate effective workshops such as Generative AI in the organization.

Consulting, Advising and Coaching Services:

  • Leverage my 20+ years of experience in SaaS product creation and design. I offer consulting services to streamline your product development process and foster a culture of innovation.

Speaking Engagements:

  • Available for keynotes and talks on SaaS product development, design, and innovation and creativity tailored to your event's theme.

Schedule a Consultation:

  • Reach out to discuss how we can collaborate to achieve your goals for product development to solve your biggest customer problems and/or reach new markets.